Self-Care is Not Optional - Danielle Nuhfer

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In this episode, I, Danielle Newfer, an educator, discuss the journey of overcoming teacher burnout and the importance of prioritizing teacher well-being. Teaching Well focuses on self-care in the school environment to nurture a positive school culture. I highlight the significance of starting with self-care before introducing mindfulness practices to students. Sharing my experience at a mindfulness conference, I stress the transformative power of focusing on personal mindfulness first in shaping teaching careers. Emphasizing that self-care is fundamental for effective teaching, I suggest integrating mindfulness into daily routines, cultivating personal mindfulness practices, and prioritizing deliberate self-care. By embracing mindfulness, we can promote presence, reduce stress, and cultivate a peaceful classroom atmosphere, fostering valuable skills in students through embodiment and self-care. is Not Optional Danielle Nuhfer.vtt

Self-Care is Not Optional  - Danielle Nuhfer