Joey Mascio

Joey Mascio

Teen life coach & creator of Sidekick to Hero, a gamified mindset training app that helps teens build confidence, develop social skills, and achieve their goals

Appears in 20 Episodes

Dealing with Annoying People - Joey Mascio

In this episode, I, Joey Massio, a former middle school teacher turned teen coach, share insights on effectively dealing with annoying people. I categorize annoying be...

Cocky vs Confident - Joey Mascio

In this episode, I discuss the difference between being cocky and confident with Joey Massio, a former middle school teacher turned teen coach. We explore the importan...

Labeling Yourself - Joey Mascio

In this episode, we explore the impact of labels on our lives. We discuss the concept of "fact versus story" and how it affects our emotions. We encourage listeners to...

Feeling Down During Christmas - Joey Mascio

Don't Let Your Age Stop You - Joey Mascio

Let Go of What's Holding You Back - Joey Mascio

Creating Self-Motivation - Joey Mascio

Motivation is the fuel that drives us. Like gasoline. What if teens could create self-motivation at will. Then they would be a force to be reckoned with! They would ne...

The Key to Confidence - Joey Mascio

The key to confidence is knowing that your flaws and failures won't stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. Too many teens think confidence is the absence of fla...

Becoming Bullyproof - Joey Mascio

Mindset Tips from the Pros - Joey Mascio

Doing Something Worthwhile - Joey Mascio

Freedom of Will - Joey Mascio

Feeling Empty - Joey Mascio

Handling Rejection - Joey Mascio

Procrastination - Joey Mascio

It's Not Personal - Joey Mascio

Get More Sleep - Joey Mascio

The Dark Doesn't Last - Joey Mascio