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Exploring the transformative power of triggers, we delve into how these often viewed negative occurrences can be catalysts for healing and growth. As we observe and reflect on our triggers, we unearth deep-seated emotions and beliefs, paving the way for self-awareness and profound self-discovery. By approaching triggers with curiosity and a willingness to explore, we can release past traumas and false beliefs, progressing towards emotional freedom. Embracing triggers as invitations for personal development, we can harness their potential to propel us towards positive transformation and growth.
Candace Nos here, a physical therapist, wellness coach, disciple of Christ, and a mother of six. Welcome to a new episode where we delve into the power of triggers and how they can lead to healing and growth. Despite my current cold, I'm grateful for the opportunity to discuss such an important topic. Triggers, often seen as negative occurrences, actually hold the key to self-awareness and transformation. When we experience a trigger, it's a chance to pause, reflect, and understand the underlying emotions and beliefs driving our reactions. By becoming observers of our triggers, we can uncover deep-rooted issues like trauma, self-doubt, or fear that are seeking to be addressed. As we embrace our triggers with curiosity and a willingness to explore the emotions they evoke, we open the door to profound self-discovery. Each trigger presents an opportunity for healing and growth, allowing us to release past traumas and false beliefs that no longer serve us. Over time, what once triggered us may lose its power, signaling our progress on the path to emotional freedom. I encourage you to pay attention to your triggers, rather than react impulsively. Take a moment to breathe, examine why you're feeling triggered, and gently unravel the layers beneath the surface reaction. By viewing triggers as invitations to self-discovery and evolution, we can transform challenging experiences into catalysts for personal development. Thank you for joining me on this journey of introspection and growth. Remember, you are designed for greatness. If you're hungry for more insights and inspiration, check out my podcast, "Design for Greatness with Candace Nass," and explore my free mini-course, "5 Days of Focus." Stay curious, stay grateful, and keep embracing the transformative power of triggers. I believe in you.

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