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Join me, Dr. Candace Knoss, as we delve into the theme of alignment in this episode of "Designed for Greatness." I share insights on living authentically as our true selves, recognizing when our strategic self emerges. Embracing conflicts as opportunities for growth, we're encouraged to identify moments when our strategic self overshadows our true self. Let's cultivate courage to engage authentically, fostering connection and personal growth. Tune in for more inspirational content on "Designed for Greatness with Candace Knoss," and access empowering resources for self-discovery. Remember, you are destined for greatness.
Join me, Dr. Candace Knoss, a physical therapist, wellness coach, follower of Christ, and mother of six, as we explore the concept of our strategic self versus our true self in this episode of "Designed for Greatness." My mission through the Mind Body Spirit Trifecta is to spread love for God, love for self, and love for others, empowering individuals to elevate their mind, body, and spirit to embrace their divine greatness. This week, I reflect on the theme of alignment, my word for the year. My goal is to live authentically as the truest version of myself, shedding light on instances when I veer off course into my strategic self. It's enlightening to recognize how the strategic self emerges to please others, conform to societal norms, or shy away from discomfort, leading to stagnation and self-sabotage. I challenge you to identify relationships or situations that test your alignment with your true self, acknowledging the strategic self's aversion to conflict. However, conflict can be a catalyst for growth, provided it is approached with compassion, curiosity, and an emphasis on building trust and understanding. Can you pinpoint moments when your strategic self dominates, causing you to deviate from your true self? Recognizing when you present a diluted version of yourself is key to understanding why the strategic self takes the reins. Let's cultivate the courage to embrace our true selves fully and engage in heartfelt, authentic interactions that nurture connection and personal growth. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. For more inspirational content, tune in to my podcast, "Designed for Greatness with Candace Knoss," and explore my free resource, "5 Days of Focus," to empower yourself as the master of your own mind. Join me for Thankful Thursday emails and reach out through the provided contact information. Remember, you are destined for greatness.

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Strategic vs True Self  - Candice Noss