Peace, Be Still - Candice Noss

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In this episode, I, Candace Nas, delve into the theme of seeking peace amidst life's chaos and challenges. Reflecting on the phrase "peace, be still," I find solace in faith, particularly in Jesus Christ, as a source of strength and hope during tough times. The experience of a loved one's stage four cancer diagnosis prompts contemplation on mortality and the importance of treasuring each moment. Encouraging listeners to embrace stillness, I highlight the value of connection and love over accomplishments. Emphasizing the guiding mantra of "peace, be still," I stress the significance of prioritizing relationships and inner peace through prayer and meditation. Ultimately, I encourage viewers to tap into their greatness and seek peace within themselves, even in the midst of chaos., Be Still Candice Noss.vtt

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Peace, Be Still  - Candice Noss