MM #33- Challenges and Change - Candice Noss

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In this episode, our host explores the power of challenges and how they positively impact our lives. She discusses the importance of empowering thoughts and the choice to use challenging circumstances for growth. Our host emphasizes finding the good in obstacles, reflecting on pivotal moments that shape us, and gratitude for challenges. She invites listeners to adopt empowering thoughts and join her podcast for more inspiration. Challenges shape us, and embracing them leads to personal growth.
In this episode, we dive into the power of challenges and how they can positively impact our lives. Our host, a physical therapist, wellness coach, lifelong Christian, and mother of six, shares her perspective on challenges and why she is grateful for them. Our host starts by discussing the importance of empowering thoughts and how they can reshape our brains. She encourages her clients to intentionally think empowering thoughts throughout the day to train their brains to automatically bring them thoughts that serve them. One empowering thought shared by a client is "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you," which resonates with our host. She believes that challenges, especially the difficult and painful ones, have the ability to define us. However, whether these struggles make us better or bitter is up to us. It is our choice to use the difficult things in life for our own growth and transformation. Our host shares that she has personally rewired her brain to bring her empowering thoughts when faced with challenging circumstances. One of her go-to thoughts is "Nothing but good will come from everything I experience today." This thought serves as a reminder that the ups and downs of life are meant for growth and ultimately for our good. When faced with tragedy or difficult circumstances, our host emphasizes the importance of having a mindset that allows us to find the good in the obstacles we face. By eliminating negative thinking and approaching these situations with faith and confidence, we can embark on a path of overcoming and growth. Reflecting on pivotal moments that shaped us, our host points out that they are often challenging and uncomfortable experiences. While we may not want to relive those moments, we are grateful for what they taught us and how they shaped us into who we are today. In conclusion, our host expresses her gratitude for challenges and shares a quote from a woman who had a near-death experience. The quote reminds us to view challenges as opportunities for growth and forward motion. Our host invites listeners to adopt two empowering thoughts: "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" and "Nothing but good will come from everything I experience today." Thanking listeners for joining her on this journey and expressing her belief in their greatness, our host encourages them to listen and subscribe to her podcast, "Design for Greatness" with Candace Nass. She also offers a free video about transforming self-talk and invites listeners to join her Thankful Thursday email. In summary, challenges have the power to shape us and bring growth and transformation into our lives. Embracing challenges and adopting empowering thoughts can lead us on a path of personal development and a greater sense of gratitude for what we have experienced.

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MM #33- Challenges and Change  - Candice Noss