Laughter is the Best Medicine!! - CANDICE NOSS

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Join me in this episode where we explore the profound impact of laughter in bringing lightness and joy, even amidst challenges. Laughter, as Victor Frankel describes, is a powerful tool of the soul, easing tension, fostering connections, and uplifting spirits. I shared personal anecdotes of how humor, like my husband's dad jokes, can create memorable moments and spread positivity. Delving into the correlation between laughter and faith, we pondered on Frankel's insight, emphasizing the role of joy in navigating life's complexities. Embracing the theme of "fun" in my own life has enhanced my well-being, combatting perfectionism and stress. I urge listeners to embrace laughter and gratitude, recognizing their capacity for greatness and joy on the journey towards a fulfilling life. Remember, laughter is a timeless remedy for healing and unity. is the Best Medicine CANDICE NOSS.vtt

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Laughter is the Best Medicine!!  - CANDICE NOSS